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  • Can be viewed on laptops, tablets and smartphones with an internet connection

  • VR ready, so it's even easier to get up close and personal with a truly immersive experience

  • Easy to share across the web, email, and social media channels

  • Securely stored and hosted on a bespoke cloud server

  • Engaging add-on features, such as in-model tagging

  • Simple to integrate into your website
  • Provides a 24/7 'open-house' for your space that can be visited from pretty much anywhere on the planet

  • Enhancements and new features are typically backwards compatible to existing models

  • For architecture, design, construction: scanning the space to create point clouds and polygons

  • For virtual design teams: models can be made available for collaboration

If your business relies on quality 2D imagery to create stand-out marketing content, or to show others what you're all about, or to train and educate others about your space, or to log a build project, then you'll already know the power of strong visual content.  


A 3D VR Virtual Tour goes where 2D photography and video can't - right into the picture itself.  It's the only way to give your audience the sense of being there - without actually being there.

How a 3D VR virtual tour can work for your business

Draw people in, and bring your space to life

These are smooth, interactive virtual spaces that people can walk around, float through, and nose about in.  They can inspire, connect and engage in a way that photography, or even video, can't.  

Helping you to sell, rent, inspire, educate, shout about - or just show off!

360 kitchen.jpg
Screenshot (75).png

It's the closest thing to 'try before you buy' a test-drive for property

A digital space which is open to your audience 24/7, and accessible whenever and from wherever they are.  They show off features, layout and flow in a way that people really 'get'.


Moving from room to room, floating from floor to floor, a virtual tour helps build familiarity, and helps people make confident choices.  Which is good for them, and good for you.

Help simplfy decisions, and streamline communication and ideas

For multiple collaborators, or remote decision-makers.  Share a virtual tour with those who need to be part of the decision, or who need to know more.  

Choosing the perfect wedding venue or the family holiday. Personal or commercial projects, like build/renovation works. Show-casing commercial facilities to overseas clients.  Providing off-site teams with key info about property, product and services.  

In fact, just about any situation where it's not possible for all the stakeholders to be together, or on site for real.

Screenshot (76).png


  • 3D dollhouse

  • 2D floor plan

  • Walk-through


  • Tagging - highlights features with text, video, links to other webpages or external sites
    Click here for a tour with embedded iinks

  • Room labelling in floor plan view

  • Room/feature dimensions


  • 'Free-style' - completely self-directed

  • Guided tour - play button takes viewer through the property, but allows the viewer to toggle between pause and interact how they choose


We are a Brighton-based team, who focus on serving local clients in our home city, and along the South Coast.

We also provide our services further afield, with clients across the rest of the UK, Europe, and beyond.  And as part of Jon Nash Visuals, we can offer a complete visual marketing package that includes high quality imagery, film/video, and a full production service.

We work with businesses and private clients alike.  Helping them to amp up their visual marketing content, or super-charge communication, or document projects to a network of remote stakeholders.  Some want help to sell, rent, let, or charter.  Some to collaborate, educate, train, or familiarise.  Others to increase awareness of their business and brand, promote their uniqueness, or improve their marketing reach.  


All have wanted to find different, effective and engaging ways to connect with their audience.  To find ways of being noticed online, as well as provide their audience with vivid, contextual and useful information.  


When it comes to what will it cost, we hate saying 'it depends' - but it really does.


Things like interior size, exterior space, level of customisation, hosting term, and add-ons all play a part in the final price.


However, to give you an idea, our prices start at £119 +VAT for a property of up to 50 m2 (studio/1 bedroom apartment).


Call or email us with what you have in mind, and let us see how we can help you.


And if you have multiple properties or volume stock, we can offer you discounted or contract rates.

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